Art by Malcolm Davies  - Associate Member UK Guilds of Railway Artists & Motoring Artists


I have recently (Jan 2021) started doing paintings that look at 'wonders' from the past, which have been left to decay and deteriorate out in the open air. In many cases nature is taking over and trying to return things to their natural state. 

The first picture (below) in this vein is of a 1940's St Louis streetcar which although part of a collection has not moved for decades. It is however still a thing of elegance and beauty and I hope the painting reflects this.
"Last Stop"
The second painting, which is now finished (Feb 2021) is that of an Amtrak EMD 9A Passenger locomotive from 1961. This too has been left for many years and is well weathered. Rust is making its continuing presence felt and pushing its way through the fading Amtrak paintwork. The sheer presence of this old leviathan is still there.
"Sleeping Giant"

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